Cargo Drive

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Cargo Drive

Cargo Drive game added on 11 Feb 2018 at PlayKix under categories 3D, upgrade, WebGL to play for free. The game has 23 views as of now. Cargo Drive not rated yet.
Cargo Drive is a fun and realistic transport game in which you must deliver a series of dangerous cargos to various different locations. You control a powerful delivery truck that has an open back and the back is full of different goods such as oil drums, boxes and wood. You are given a set destination and you must get there on time, and without damaging or loosing any of the cargo! The roads are bumpy and the tracks are uneven and challenging - you must have fantastic driving skills to navigate through to make your delivery in one piece! Be sure to complete other side tasks as you progress and show your skill as a delivery driver! Release DateThe game is originally released as an Android app in November 2017. The online version is released in February 2018. DeveloperCargo Drive is made by Imants Klava. Features Open-world exploration in a big hill area with many trees and delivery locations Realistic 3D graphics with smooth controls Many different cargos to be delivered Buyable upgrades for your truck Cool navigation map with the route PlatformsWeb browser Android ControlsPress WASD or arrow keys to drive the truck . Play more free games online at PlayKix!

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