City Car Racer

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City Car Racer

City Car Racer game added on 05 Feb 2018 at PlayKix under categories 3D, avoid, Car, mission, traffic, WebGL to play for free. The game has 36 views as of now. City Car Racer not rated yet.
City Car Racer is a fun and exciting driving game in which you must race through a series of busy city streets and try to avoid the oncoming traffic! Drive your car down the roads and weave in and out of the other vehicles - try to take minimal damage and avoid any huge collisions otherwise your car will explode! You have three different game modes to play, and in each mode you can change the weather which will affect the driving conditions! At the end of each run, you can use the cash you have earned to purchase new vehicles that will allow you to travel further distances. This is a fun avoid game - the graphics are cool, the driving gameplay is exciting, and the different maps and vehicles are fun to play with! Release DateFebruary 2018 DeveloperCity Car Racer is made by BoneCracker Games. You can also try the highway version in Highway Racing Online. Features Three game modes Three weather options, sunny, night, and rainy You can customize the car's color, tires, and buy upgrades Many new cars to be bought, including a truck head You can see the performance of each car PlatformWeb browser Controls W or up arrow to accelerate AD or left/right arrow to steer C to change camera . Play more free games online at PlayKix!

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