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Car crash HTML5 nitro Water 0
GAME INFO game added on 08 Feb 2018 at PlayKix under categories Car, crash, HTML5, nitro, Water to play for free. The game has 28 views as of now. not rated yet. is an exciting and intense .io game in which you must jump into your very own cartoon car and try to crash into other players to destroy them! Drive around the map and use your front bumper to smash into other players - your front bumper has the most protection so always try and crash into players with it - if you get hit on the sides or rear of your car, you will take massive damage. Collect coins to refill your nitro meter and use your nitro meter for an awesome speed burst that can propel you into your enemies with devastating effect! Try to dominate the arena and reign as the supreme Crashy champion - test your driving skills today and see if you can survive this bumper-car brawl! Release DateFebruary 2018 Features Cool artwork of the cars There are water areas that can slow you down and obstacles that can block your way Many car models to use Your car's size can grow based on the scores you get PlatformWeb browser ControlsPress W, space bar, left mouse button, or right mouse button to boost speed. . Play more free games online at PlayKix!

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