Fidget Spinner Multiplayers

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Fidget Spinner Multiplayers

Fidget Spinner Multiplayers game added on 14 Feb 2018 at PlayKix under categories fidgetspinner, HTML5, mouse, Multiplayer to play for free. The game has 24 views as of now. Fidget Spinner Multiplayers not rated yet.
Fidget Spinner Multiplayers is an awesome multiplayer game in which you can continue the Fidget Spinner craze and fight head to head against other players around the world! You must control your very own fidget spinner and try to launch it into your opponents to smash them and push them out of the red dotted circle. In this battle royal you must try to push as many opponents as you can out of the circle in the given time limit. After each match there is a ranking system so you can see how you compare against other players. The gameplay is simple, and the controls are easy to pick up too – can you conquer your enemies in the arena and reign as the fidget spinner champion? Release DateJune 2017 DeveloperFidget Spinner Multiplayers was developed by Playtouch. Features Fun competitive match in 4 player battle with worldwide players Simple gameplay to push the opponents out of the circle One button controls Ranking system based on the match's result Nice music PlatformsFidget Spinner Multiplayers is a web browser game (desktop and mobile). It's also available as an Android app. ControlsLeft click the blue button to launch your fidget spinner. . Play more free games online at PlayKix!

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