Garage Parking

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Garage Parking

Garage Parking game added on 06 Feb 2018 at PlayKix under categories 3D, Car, Parking, upgrade, WebGL to play for free. The game has 32 views as of now. Garage Parking not rated yet.
Garage Parking is an awesome and unique driving game in which you must test your parking and driving skills in a series of multi-storey car parks! You must hop into your vehicle and race around the parking lots carefully and avoid taking any damage. Follow the markers and head for your designated parking space! The graphics are realistic and the driving controls are easy to pick up. For each different parking challenge you complete, you earn cash. You can use this cash to purchase awesome upgrades for your vehicle and customize it to your liking! Can you complete every challenge and prove your parking skill? Release DateFebruary 2018 Features Big parking garage with multiple floors Other parked cars and big pillars on the garage Markers that will guide you to the parking location Customizable and upgradeable car PlatformWeb browser Controls Use WASD or arrow keys to drive Press space bar to use handbrake . Play more free games online at PlayKix!

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