Hatchimals Jumper

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Hatchimals Jumper

Hatchimals Jumper game added on 30 Jan 2018 at PlayKix under categories avoid, Jumping, Platform to play for free. The game has 21 views as of now. Hatchimals Jumper not rated yet.
Hatchimals Jumper is a fun jumping game in which you must help a newly hatched bird fly away and reach the sky! This is an endless jumping game and you must simply see how high a score you can earn. The cute little bird can’t fly very well – he can only jump between platforms – you must keep him jumping and collect gold stars and multi-coloured shapes as you progress. The bird jumps automatically, and you must simply control their movements left and right – keep moving and keep hopping to new platforms – if you stop you will fall off the bottom platform and you must start from the beginning! Watch out for bombs that drop from the sky as you attempt to jump – these bombs can knock you off course and cause your bird damage! What high score can you register? Can you help our little bird find his flight? Release DateJanuary 2018 FeaturesNice objects and background The other challenge besides reaching a higher platform is to avoid dropping bombs Collected stars and jewels give you scores PlatformWeb browserControlsUse arrow keys to move and jump higher. . Play more free games online at PlayKix!

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