Miners' Adventure

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Miners' Adventure

Miners' Adventure game added on 26 Jan 2018 at PlayKix under categories HTML5, mining, monster, Platform to play for free. The game has 16 views as of now. Miners' Adventure not rated yet.
Miners' Adventure Game added at PlayKix under categories 2player,HTML5,mining,monster,Platform on 2018-01-26 14:54:38. Miners’ Adventure is a fun and exciting two player mining platform game. This game uses dual keyboard controls so you can play at the same time with your friends and family. Each player controls one character – either grandpa or his grandchild. This intrepid pair is on a mission to collect riches by mining underground and searching for precious gems and stones. Both characters have a unique set of abilities and you must use both characters to progress through each level and mine all of the available gems. Work together with your partner and try to solve the puzzles in each level to progress. The graphics are retro and the gameplay is fun but challenging. Can you mine your way to success and help grandpa and his grandchild earn their fortune? Release DateJanuary 2018 DeveloperRHM Games developed Miners' Adventure. FeaturesTwo players game Each character has special abilities Monster and traps in the mine Many stages to be completed PlatformWeb browserPlayer 1 controlsWASD to move F to shoot G to use whip T to use key Player 2 controlsArrow keys to move K to dig L to throw grenade T to use key Press up arrow twice to double jump . Play more free games online at PlayKix!

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