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3D Educational Platform sidescrolling WebGL 0


Wired game added on 06 Feb 2018 at PlayKix under categories 3D, Educational, Platform, sidescrolling, WebGL to play for free. The game has 35 views as of now. Wired not rated yet.
Wired is a fun and interesting game that teaches you about the wonders of electricity. This game combines educational elements together with arcade platform mechanics. In each room, you must follow a range of instructions that are given by a real human instructor in a fun and engaging video. Complete different tasks and work hard to discover all about electricity and how currents are made and how different items and objects are powered. This game is a heap of fun and a fantastic tool for learning about one of the most important scientific discoveries of the modern age! Release DateFebruary 2018 VersionThe current release is the demo version, the full version will be released soon and it is still free. DeveloperWired was developed at the University of Cambridge Engineering Department by Diarmid Campbell, an industry veteran who has been making video games for over 18 years. You can follow him on his personal website. Features A smooth puzzle-platformer game set in a deserted building with over 30 puzzle rooms A unique educational game mechanic that using the real physics of electricity to solve the puzzles Real human videos with a voice and also you can know the story between the professor and his descent Realistic 3D graphics with side-scrolling view PlatformWeb browser (currently supported on Chrome and Firefox) Controls AD to move E to interact W to jump S to go down Left click to do wiring Esc to pause . Play more free games online at PlayKix!

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