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HTML5 magic Multiplayer upgrade 0
GAME INFO game added on 11 Feb 2018 at PlayKix under categories HTML5, magic, Multiplayer, upgrade to play for free. The game has 23 views as of now. not rated yet. is a superb multiplayer io game in which you must attempt to survive in a deadly world full of magic and mages! Before you enter the arena you can choose your special magical power - Pyro, Froster or Myster - each power has different abilities. Move around the map and collect gold coins as you progress - you can use these coins to purchase upgrades and items. When fighting other players, the battle system is simple - use the number keys to select your attack and then use the mouse to aim and fire. Try and avoid taking damage and don't forget to use spells and shields! Can you rule the arena as the most powerful mage? Release DateFebruary 2018 is developed by WooksDev. Features Three mage options with a different skill set Gather various resources to increase your level and get more spells for your inventory Freely use which spells you like to use, with upgrade options to increase their power Simple graphics and effects PlatformWeb browser Controls Left click to move E or space bar to use basic spell 1234 to use equipped spell A use basic spell on an area G to open spell panel . Play more free games online at PlayKix!

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