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attack HTML5 Multiplayer 0


Xplo.io game added on 09 Feb 2018 at PlayKix under categories attack, HTML5, Multiplayer to play for free. The game has 25 views as of now. Xplo.io not rated yet.
Xplo.io is an interesting and intense io game in which you control a giant cell – this cell is different however as it can shoot grenades and drop explosive mines! You must move around the map and gather ammunition for your cell – avoid contact with other players otherwise they may eliminate you by dropping mined and launching their own grenades. Aside from the ammo, move around the map and collect the blue circles – these circles boost the health and survivability of your cell and allow you to withstand a greater number of attacks. This game is easy to play and a huge amount of fun – can you conquer the Xplo arena and reign as the largest and deadliest cell? Release DateFebruary 2018 DeveloperArt?rs Lukja?enoks developed this game. Features Randomly generated color as you play You can shoot grenade to attack an opponent from the distance and drop a mine to cover your track You can increase the health points by collecting blue circles All resources must be collected A minimap to see the location of other players PlatformWeb browser Controls Space bar to throw a grenade W to drop a mine . Play more free games online at PlayKix!

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